Made in China


Designers are a group of people who explore problems in society and then find and resolve the issues that caused them.  In this project, we had to pick a public issue that interested us and figure out how a graphic designer might help fix it.


Because I am from Taiwan, I adopted Chinese culture from my Chinese ancestors. We speak Mandarin, but we also learn traditional Chinese and the history of China. Even though we do not live in China, we cherish and protect our culture, but we cannot protect and preserve every part of it partially because some of which has been left over in China. China is trying to develop very quickly in an effort to become the biggest economic country in the world. I wondered if such economic ambition could destroy the traditional culture there. After much research, I think it does destroy some parts of Chinese culture. I designed a poster, book, and website to help Chinese people realize that the loss of their culture is an issue that needs to be noticed and that something needs to be started to help preserve it.