The Escape Plan


Metal needs a forger like branding needs a designer. Designers pour their lives into the brands they create to make them glow and shine. We had to help a dying brand rebuild its identity in a new market while keeping its old soul.


I chose Tower Records to be my client and defined its “soul” as how they provide music experiences and an environment that lets people relax and enjoy the music. Because it is not enough to satisfy the public now with simple experiences, the company closed down in 2006. The new Tower provides more than music experiences. It gives people experiences that touch on all five senses: hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling. This is Tower’s new soul and I redesigned its logo to match. The five senses are represented in five levels of a tower. It says everything on the logo. In this project, I learned how to create a brand identity from the logo design, color palette, and typeface system that fall within the direction of Tower. The expression and the expansion are all in one guidebook. I also designed a website for this company so that more people can experience it.