Chasing Shadows


Sometimes designers get lost on their way to solve a problem. Our biggest quest it to figure out the essence of design. In this course, we had to pick a director or filmmaker and design their film festival. We had to create a theme that defined the style of the director that we chose and apply it to the whole film festival.


My director was David Fincher who directed Fight Club, The Game and recently, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I defined the theme as mysteries that draw people into journeys of obsession from which there is no turning back.Inevitably, they must confront their own inner darkness and meet their fates. Based on this theme, the film festival will be named Chasing Shadows:- the Pursuit of Phantoms and Fate in the Films of David Fincher. For the design elements, I picked yellow and black to show the intense emotions of the relationships between the main characters and the evils in his films. The black brush graphic will express how the darkness invades the characters’ minds slowly throughout the stories. After basing this film festival on these concepts, I also created prints, products, a website, a DVD collection and a whole package for people who attend the film festival. This project was the most intensive project in the program and I believe it helped me be more flexible in adapting my designs to the circumstance.