BLINK-To foster your children's better eye health


We have to combine our skills to create professional-level work that shows the research and findings on a chosen topic. We then have to create a solution with deliverables to solve the problem surrounding our chosen topic. 



My thesis will foster improving children’s eye health. I have really bad eye sight due to incorrectly using my eyes. I have been dealing with nearsightedness since I was eight. I wish that my parents and I had known more about how to correctly use my eyes when I was younger. Now there are many technological devices on the market, such as tablets, smart phones, and computers. Children readily use these devices, but if they have not developed proper eye health habits, they will have to deal with many eye health issues for the rest of their life. I created a Bluetooth monster to replace parents when it comes to taking care of children’s eye health. I want them to establish healthy habits when using their eyes and I want them to know that the most important aspect of eye health goes beyond eating carrots. Instead, children need to learn that healthy eyes also result from frequently resting them while using them.