Can You Read My Mind?


Designers get frustrated sometimes and express their feelings in their work. They use their abilities to let everyone easily understand what they are feeling. Like the title of this course, we experimented with type. Typeface can be a graphic or a pattern in your work. We were able to choose from type, photos, patterns or any form of media we preferred. We had to print them on transparent paper or make the paper transparent before putting them onto the projector. The projected object became the image for a song’s poster.


I chose The Killer’s “Can You Read My Mind” to be the song for this poster. This song describes a person who wants to let his lover know how he feels in his heart. Because it is bitter-sweet, I used red to represent the love between them and green to stand his bitterness that he feels in wanting his love to understand how he loves her. I used big bold type to express how his strong love and their love story were like a beautiful movie that plays again and again in his mind. This project was really fun because we could use our own methods to deliver what we wanted to say.