A Small Action Enormous Change


Designers need to expand their knowledge in every project that they make. They need to establish a system that gives the public an efficient way of understanding what they are trying to convey. Therefore, designers have to know the topic more than anyone else in order to get acknowledgement from the public. In this project, we had to promote a paper company’s new paper line using the paper line’s name to expand the concept and connect it with any recent public issues. 


Gmund is a company from Germany which started papermaking in 1829. This historic company has a paper line called Action. So “action” became the main concept for this project. In the beginning, we had to choose three paper lines from a paper company and brainstorm three concepts that would give them deeper meaning. During the process, I came up with issues like, stop using animal fur, water shortage issue and enivormental problems. In the end, I choose “action” paper line, and focused on the environmental issues surrounding the paper line to remind people that small actions can still cause bigger changes in the future.